Research paper on gun control: whom to support?

Gun control is such a controversial issue, and supporters on one side or the other usually have little to no patience for the opposing point of view. It can be tricky to write a research paper on a topic that garners so much intensity of values. There might even be more than two opposing views to such an issue.

Here are 4 examples of different sides on the gun control issue:

In fact there could be dozens of different ways of looking at gun control regulation. When it comes down to supporting a point of view, you will have to analyze your own beliefs and values. If you’re not sure what to believe, the first place to start is extensive research. Find out what the gun laws in your community or area of the country have been traditionally. What are the local issues? This will depend on whether you live in a rural or urban center, as there are many reasons for wanting to own a gun.

You will have to choose what slant your research paper will take. You can’t base a paper on apathy. Get access to news sites and browse their articles using a search tool so you can quickly and efficiently find articles on gun control issues and see what the discussions have been in the past and present time.

Find relevant data to support your claims. If you are taking a stance that anyone should own guns, find some data that shows crime rates don’t increase when gun control legislation is permissive.

Readers of your research paper will all have differing views on this topic. That’s what makes it so controversial. Keep this in mind while writing and even though you are giving supporting evidence to back up your claims, be respectful of those who have a different view and aren’t necessarily going to be swayed by your evidence. Showing respect to other points of view will gain you respect for yours. As a final note, don’t forget to proofread and edit your paper. You won’t make any lasting impressions with your claims if your paper is riddles with errors.

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