Custom Essay Writing: How to Make Sure Your Paper is Plagiarism-Free

There are many websites that promote essay writing services. These online sites can be a time-saving alternative for students who need an essay written in a short amount of time. In order to get the best grade on the essay, students will need to make sure that the essay is plagiarism-free. If the student is caught turning in someone else's work, they could fail the class or even get kicked out of school.

Plagiarism Software is Your Friend

Students can easily check on the quality and originality of an essay online. There are several software programs that will scan an essay for free. These programs will scour the Internet for any matching essay. The program will look at phrases and sets of words to make sure that the essay is original. Since this process takes just a few seconds, students who are concerned about originality should always run their essay through one of these programs first.

Reference Everything

Other than cheating, the main cause of plagiarism is due to sources. Students may forget to source a particular book or author while they are writing. If the idea or quote was from another writer, students should always cite their source. Students cannot get in trouble for plagiarism as long as they cite every idea or quote that they borrowed.


In some essays, avoiding plagiarism is difficult. If students have to write the definition of a word or topic, their definition could end up looking plagiarized. With these cases, students should make sure that they paraphrase the source text. Basically, the student must go through and reword the original text completely. If it is done correctly, paraphrasing will result in text that has the same meaning and is not considered plagiarized.

Search the Internet

Outside of just using plagiarism software, students can always search for plagiarism on their own. They should highlight short 30 to 40 word segments of the essay. Afterward, this segment should be placed in a search engine bar. If the search reveals matching texts, then the student knows that their essay contains plagiarized material.

Read the Books

There are a number of students who choose to purchase their essays online. Although few students ever get caught, it is possible that a professor will find out. If the text is not plagiarized from another document, there is only one way that a teacher will know that there was cheating: the student. When students write an essay, they must research, write and rewrite for hours. If the teachers spends some time talking with the student, they may realize that the student is not actually familiar with the topic. Students who buy essays online should make sure that they are actually familiar with the topic before they turn in the essay.

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