Defining The Types of Dissertations

Types of Research for Dissertations

Most dissertation writers employ the use of interviews and questionnaires to verify the truth of their claims in the dissertations or to answer the main questions that are being asked in the dissertation. The writer should only conduct interviews with credible persons who have strong expertise in a certain field of study to add strength to your paper. You also want the questionnaires to be fair and tailored to the topic of the dissertation. Another type of research is the literature review and this situation you're looking at the different books and journal articles that were done by other scholars on the topic you're writing about.

Empirical Dissertations

An empirical dissertation is the type of dissertation that involves the use of data collection and you can gather data by conducting surveys, interviews and questionnaires. Another way to gather data for an empirical dissertation is by referring to the work of other scholars. Before you do this kind of dissertation you should meet with your advisor to get an idea of it should be written so the dissertation will look well-researched.

Types of Formatting for Dissertations

If you are writing a humanities dissertation in subjects such as philosophy, English, history, sociology or art education, you would format the dissertation in Modern Language Association style. If you are writing a science-based dissertation in subjects such as psychology, biology, chemistry, medical topics, and physiology, you would format the topic in American Psychology Association style. Chicago style is another format that is sometimes used in dissertations.

Types of Qualitative Research in Education Dissertations

Ethnography is a type of research that education majors use in dissertations and this involves the use of anthropological and social science methods to do the dissertation.  For example, if you are writing an education dissertation on the impact that a bilingual education has on Hispanic-American students and their career aspirations, you can incorporate ethnography research into the dissertation by interviewing Hispanic-American families, teachers and some politicians. Some education dissertation writers may use case studies as part of their qualitative research and they would study court cases, lesson plans and other research documents.

Choosing The Best Dissertation Type

Your choice of the type of dissertation you want to write depends on the subject and your department's guidelines. You want to talk with your advisor to ensure that you are meeting the department's guidelines and that your dissertation topic is unique and workable.

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