How to Succeed with your Persuasive Essays

Writing a successful essay is a challenging task and with persuasive essay structure, you need to have enough knowledge and skill to present your stance and prove it right. It needs practice and also you need to use creative ways in which to write your essay. There are a few tips which can make your essay real success. This steps when kept in mind, make persuasive essay writing a very simple and easy task to handle.

Choosing the topic:

When choosing the topic, you must contemplate all about it. How much the topic is important to you? Why do you want to write on this topic? What is the true motivation behind it? Do you have enough knowledge about the topic to provide enough arguments to prove your stance? Are the arguments you have really persuasive? If the answer to most of these questions is yes, then go for the topic because you can really write it.

Content of the topic:

Content of the topic mainly means the supportive arguments that you are going to provide on the topic. These arguments form the main body of the persuasive essay. It contains reasons or arguments. You must add some knowledge and information based on facts to make it real and logical. This will help you earn power of the essay and make it acceptable and objection free for the reader or audience.


Who you are writing this essay for? The intended audience must be kept in mind. For example, if you are writing it for the students, the content should be such that will be pertinent to students’ interests.

Interesting and attractive:

The style and arguments of the essay must be interesting. The essay should not be boring. The reader will not rank it good if it fails to get attraction of its reader and this happens often when it fails to persuade.


The arguments you make must be rational and logical. This leaves less space for criticism and objections. For the safer side and a better impression, you can also talk about the objections related to the topic or your own point of view.

Use of transition words and phrases:

There should be appropriate use of transition words and phrases. It gives connectivity to all the arguments and ideas in your persuasive essay.


You must write in your own natural style to make it original and attractive.

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