A Guide To Proper Essay Structure

Essays are written based on different purposes, but the structure is said to remain the same no matter the purpose of the essay. You can write an article based o the arguments for a particular point or explanation on the procedures of completing a certain task.

Either of the ways, still your essay will have the same structural format. By following a few easy procedures, you will certainly find that the essay is writing itself. Your responsibility will be to deliver ideas, which in any case are the important aspects of the essay. Here are very simple ways and structures of the essay writing process.;

Decide on a topic

Select a topic for your essay, in this case you have not been assigned a topic to work on, then you have the whole world lying before you. So you have to select a topic of interest to you which in this case your essay will be even stronger.

Purpose should be properly defined

Thinking about the purpose of the essay you are writing about is very critical at all times of writing. Your purpose should be able to convey a message, should convince people into believing as you do, and should also give knowledge to people about the subject at hand, or something else entirely. Whatever the topic it must fit the purpose.

Organization of ideas

This can only be achieved by having diagrams and putting ideas about your topic on paper. You have also to decide on the type of the structure which can be either of these two:

Put down on paper your thesis statement.

Now that you have decided on thee information to be presented, now you can go ahead and write your thesis statement.

Your thesis statement will be divided into two

Writing down the body

Under this segment you are going to write the main points, putting down the sub points and finally elaborating on the subplots

The introduction

Writing down the introduction part and the conclusion part;


Brings the reader to closure and brings out the feelings about the topic very briefly

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