Top 10 Good Topics for an Argument Essay

By far and away the best topic to choose for your argument essay is one you really want to do. If you have to be dragged kicking and screaming to write about a certain topic, it will show. It will show in your collection of research material, in your planning and in your prose. You will not do nearly as well as if you love the topic you choose and attack it with enthusiasm and energy. Choose to write about what you like, know or love. Also if you plan to study a particular topic in detail in the future, then that could be the basis for your topic choice today.

Remember that an argument essay is about arguing. If your topic is not controversial, if it’s a topic which everyone agrees with, then you are in trouble. You want and need a divisive topic. Take the topic of abortion. Mind you there are some educational institutions which forbid essays on this topic simply because it’s been written about so often. But the topic of abortion is undoubtedly divisive - sometimes violently so. But the point is that if your topic creates divided opinions, you are in a position to argue in favour of one point of view.

Of course if you can argue against the opposite side then you are adding to the brownie points you will receive.

Here are ten good topics for an argumentative essay.

  1. Speed cameras are simply a revenue raising machine.
  2. The world has become a throw-away society.
  3. Manners are no longer taught and no longer respected.
  4. All advertising aimed at children should be banned.
  5. The Nanny state is alive and well today.
  6. All religions should be banned from the school curriculum.
  7. Professional sportsmen and women are paid way too much money.
  8. Violent video games cause viewers to behave in a violent way.
  9. All school cadet and military type training programs should be banned.
  10. The minimum age for drinking alcohol should be raised to 21.

Note that in all of these topics they are both controversial and specific. Both of these qualities are essential in the correct choice of a topic for an argumentative essay. It might be divisive but if it’s too broad, your essay will founder. If it’s specific but not divisive, again you’re in trouble. Get both right and you’re away.

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