15 Interesting Illustration Essay Topic Ideas For College Students

Illustration essay topics are a way to explain or illustrate an existent mechanism or pattern. There is a difference between seeing and observing. You may have travelled to many places on trains but have you actually ever wondered how a train runs.

Knowledge and observation

Illustration essays require thorough knowledge and observation skills of students specifically with the topic at hand. Due research and a composed mind are the two main prerequisites. Everything else automatically flows into the system.

Here are 15 illustration essay topics for your reference –

  1. Explain step-by-step the mechanism of a passenger plane taking off – The avionics, triggers, engine revs; there are many technical references required.
  2. Illustrate how an extremely significant observation made by a Secret Service cop reaches the President’s office – The observation is documented and passed through various senior levels and even bureaucratic offices before it reaches the President.
  3. Explain how Alcohol makes a person dependent – Alcohol gradually haunts a person into being an addict. It plays an admittedly terrific mind game.
  4. Illustrate the web that terrorists weave to keep a locality under threat – The biological weapons, bullying, guns, threats; even cajoling. A lot of it goes along with terrorists.
  5. Explain the lifestyle of a sworn gambler – Trace the life of a gambler in an elucidating essay.
  6. Explain the duties of a bank manager – This would be an informative and point-perfect piece of work.
  7. Illustrate how cocaine enters the world market right from its origins – Colombia is the major producer of cocaine. Assess how the material ramifies from there.
  8. Explain how specie census, say, panda, is done – There is a definite pattern behind the taking of a census; humans or other species.
  9. Illustrate the necessary habits and system to reach success in life – Success is rarely served on a platter. It takes a lot of sweat, determination and conviction.
  10. Suggest 10 places in New York worth visiting – This would be an exploratory essay. Make an attempt to suggest genuinely interesting yet rare places.
  11. Explain how religion impacts politics and lifestyle – Religion has a huge say in running of lives and even systems.
  12. Explain how a Capitalist system works – Capitalism abides by certain principles and runs ardently on the streamlined path.
  13. Illustrate the traits of an auctioneer to attract impressive bids – An auctioneer has to play games with his diction, stoppages, winks and lures.
  14. Explain how mass media has spread its tentacles into the world – Write an informative essay about the rise and suffusion of mass media.
  15. Explain how an entrepreneur starts and then nurtures an enterprise – An entrepreneur begins and grows an enterprise with lots of strategies, plans and innovations.
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