5 Creative Tips On How To Come Up With General Literary Essay Topics

Literary essays are different from all the other types of essays. They are different because of the fact that these are associated with literature. Literature is a subject that has been an integral part of our lives since the very first book that each one of us has read. Literature has always seemed a fascinating subject to many of us and that is the reason why many opt for this subject as one progresses in his or her academic life.

With that comes the task of submitting compositions to the teacher or the lecturer periodically. Now, no matter how much we’re fascinated with the subject, coming up with a theme general enough to write a good essay on can become a time consuming issue. This is basically because of the fact that one has so many options to choose from. And this might make the job of commencing with the work all the more daunting.

Therefore, here are 5 creative tips as to how to formulate good and general literary essay topics:

  1. Deciding your genre- Now, one cannot possibly have a liking for all sorts and types of literature. Everybody has his or her favorite genre. Some of the major literary genres are drama, fiction, nonfiction, romance, comedy and satire. Deciding on this aspect helps narrow down the options which in turn helps to decide upon the topic.
  2. Create a list of the literary sources at your disposal- This is something that one needs to keep in mind while going forward with this business of selecting a theme for a composition. In order to draw references and provide an intimate analysis of the literary source, one has to have it at his disposal throughout the period of writing the composition.
  3. Make a list of the probable themes (topics)- Making such a list helps in a big way. It prevents the possibility of neglecting or forgetting or rather overlooking any of the themes that one might remember later and regret.
  4. Assess each of the probable themes- One should intimately think about each of the themes as to how he or she feels about it. It might be the case that one might hold a certain topic close to his or her heart but might not have enough knowledge about it or a good understanding of it.
  5. Choose the theme that suits you best- General topics are easy to come up with. But one should not proceed with a theme that is too general. This might prove to be detrimental to academic evaluations of the composition. Nevertheless, there’s a big possibility that the theme that suits you the best in every manner might come up to be quite unique and interesting irrespective of its generality.
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