Examples Of Capstone Projects Can Be Deceiving

What are capstone projects?

Capstone projects are projects at the end of an undergraduate degree that require all the skills and concepts that a student learned prior in their major. This will help solidify their knowledge and demonstrate their abilities to their professors.

Unfortunately capstone projects vary from major to major, and the guidelines are set forth by your professor. The main format of capstone projects is an extensive research paper that is also coupled with a side project. The variations in capstone projects makes it harder to find help unless you go directly to your advisors, however you may be able to find previous examples of capstone projects for your major either at your school online.

Why to be wary of examples?

If you are looking online for examples of capstone projects, then you should be wary as they can be deceiving. There are often fake projects put out, false promises to complete capstone projects for you, and even offers to give you free capstone papers. These should definitely be avoided, as it is a surefire way to get yourself discharged from your university for plagiarism. Additionally, your university will provide you will all of the information necessary to successfully complete your capstone project.

Where do I get help and examples then?

Instead of turning online to find previous capstone projects, you need to go to your university and ask for help. The best place to look is the head advisor for your department. If you are majoring in psychology, and are tasked with completing a capstone project on the effects of integration for people with mental disabilities, then talking to your advisor will give you the details on: how long it needs to be, research requirements, additional project (if any), and other specifications that may be necessary. Other majors may have a more physical approach to their capstone project, whereas some (ie English majors) may only be a research paper.

Additionally, speaking with the head of your department, or your academic advisor, can turn up real examples of capstone projects from previous students. Having examples specific to your university, and your department, will give you a better understanding of the type of work, what needs to be incorporated into your project, and the various elements that are going to be graded.

Overall capstone projects are a crucial part to your undergraduate education. Speaking with your department head is the best place to find reliable information on the specifics for your capstone project, as they will often vary from university to university.

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