Organisational Behaviour Issues/ Trends Today

Organisational behaviour refers to the study of individuals and their behaviour in the workplace of organizational setting, and nature of the organisations. It changes with time and with discovery of ideas, items and invention of new ways of operation in management. Organisational behaviour may be influenced by a number of factors such as ethic in decision making and use of technology to ease stress related to work and globalisation, accounted for by incorporation of different aspects in management and corporate world.

Ethics is a major trend in organisational behaviour today. It refers to code of conduct of individuals in organisations in maintaining order and flow of activities. Business ethics are moral values that employees should portray in their workplace and moral values of managers in decision making and supervision. Almost every organisation has adopted a code of ethics to be followed and which have been developed over time. It is done on strict basis, to the extent of making it mandatory that every person have a copy of all code of behaviour. Annual trainings are mandatory today for all to keep updated with ethical values.

Technology has also contributed to organisational behaviour trends brought about by many inventions and constant upgrade of machines. Technology has been said to cause or reduce stress in organisations, depending with the ability of employee in handling computers. Employees knows what is happening elsewhere using cell phones as well as use emails to simplify communication and transfer of information and help keeping in touch with others. Within organisations computers today are major tools to simplify work generating paperless offices. Computers software’s reduces stress by minimizing errors, but for those incompetent with them it becomes a source of stress. Thus employees should be computer literate in today’s organisation world.

Globalisation, another major trend in organisational behaviour, refers to the process of international integration from the interchange of world products, views, ideas and some aspects of culture. It requires more sensitivity of decision makers due to the cultural differences of the employee and clients. Organisations today have clients from all over the world, as physical meeting is not required. Business is online and deliveries made later. Communication is done through internet where employees can have conferences from different parts of the world.

Organisational behaviour trend have thus transformed business and corporate world immensely and improved delivery of services as well as personal relationships. It is thus important to research other trends as they will increase and improve with time.

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