Several simple steps for writing a five paragraph essay

The five paragraph essay is ubiquitous. Every student gets to write one or rather many. Knowing a few simple steps and putting them into practice will enable you to write a brilliant five paragraph essay. Take these simple steps and note the difference it makes to your work.

You only get one chance to make a first impression so the opening sentence in your five paragraph essay has to be one which grabs the reader. It needs to capture their attention. It needs to make them want to keep reading. Take your time and create a terrific opening sentence.

When it comes to your thesis statement it should be one which you shout from the rooftops. It should be a thesis statement you are proud of because it is written in a clear and forthright fashion. It has fewer rather than more words and it is the basis of your entire five paragraph essay. Get it just right.

Imagine that the end of every sentence you write in your five paragraph essay is an introduction to the following sentence. It's called the flow on effect. This makes it easier for the reader to comprehend your writing and gives power to your actual essay. Each sentence in terms of its sense and understanding flows naturally into the next one. And of course the same rule applies from one paragraph to the next.

Each of your body paragraphs, that is paragraphs two, three and four in your five paragraph essay, must start with a main point. Do not start a paragraph with a minor point. The minor points are there to support the main point but you always begin with your main point. Follow this pattern and be consistent throughout the essay.

When it comes to the conclusion where you sum up all that is gone before, do so with authority. You believe everything you have stated beforehand and must give the impression to the reader that you are a firm believer in what you have had to say. Because you have created an excellent five paragraph essay, you need to re-enforce this point in your conclusion.

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