How To Write An Accounting Thesis

Accounting is one of the hardest subjects to write a thesis on and this is because it is a complex subject.  However, if you plan your accounting thesis ahead of time and get assistance from your professor and tutors on campus, it is possible to write a successful accounting thesis. If you're stumped for ideas, you can start by thinking about what aspects of the accounting profession that interests you the most and writing them down. Another idea is to read some news articles that pertain to the accounting profession and decide on a narrow topic that will be interesting and not a chore to write. Stay away from dry and generic accounting topics.

Good Accounting Topics

One idea is to write a thesis on the topic of microfinancing and how this helps people in developing nations achieve financially. In microfinancing, American and European banks and other investment firms offer microfinancing to small businesses in different countries and the recipients repay the loans with some of the profits from their businesses. Another good topic to discuss is ethics at accounting firms and the consequences of unethical accounting practices in business and in the government.

Meeting With Your Thesis Advisor

It is also important that you meet with your thesis advisor before starting the thesis because you will need to prepare your thesis proposal which is your plan for the topic you'll write your thesis on and how you plan to approach the thesis. You will present your thesis proposal before a committee and if they approve, you can proceed with your thesis.

Organize Your Research And Trim If Necessary

In order to be organized in preparing your accounting thesis, you should organize your research so that you'll have everything you need to prepare the paper. If you find that you have more research than you will use in the accounting thesis, you should only keep research that is relevant to your topic. Purchase a large binder where you can keep your research in so that it won't get lost in your piles of other stuff that you may have in your home office.

Proofread And Let Thesis Advisor Review It

Before you meet with the thesis committee to defend your thesis for a grade, you should let your thesis advisor look over your rough draft and if there are any corrections that need to be made, correct the mistakes as soon as possible. Beware of grammatical and factual errors when revising the thesis paper.

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