How to Write a Thesis Statement: What to Avoid

Any student who has written an essay has had to write a thesis statement. Without the thesis statement, the essay does not have a purpose. Sadly, many students do not understand the concept of the thesis statement, which means that they are unable to write a real essay that proves a point. Since the point of any essay is to persuade the reader to agree with a thesis, an essay without a thesis really cannot be an essay at all. In order to write a high quality essay that proves the thesis, students need to know how to write a thesis.

Avoid Making the Thesis Too Big or Small

Writing a thesis is not as difficult as many students think it is. A thesis statement is the sentence that clearly states what the essay is going to prove. It really is the main idea of the entire essay. Each body paragraph will support the thesis, so it should make a statement that can be discussed in an entire essay. Many students have problems with crafting a thesis statement that is just right for the size of the essay. They often write thesis statements that are much too small or much too big, so students lose control of the purpose of their essays.

Avoid Writing a Weak Thesis Statement

Too many students write essays with incredibly weak thesis statements. It seems like students learn one technique in their junior high years that sticks with them. It is imperative that every student never ever writes another thesis statement that includes these words: “In my essay, I will…” This thesis statement beginning is truly the death of any essay and should be avoided at all costs.

Avoid Writing Two Statements When Only One Is Needed

When students are learning to write a thesis statement, they should put the thesis in the correct place. Students learn that their thesis statements always go in the introduction of the essay. Since the introduction is the part of the essay that is supposed to get the readers’ attention, the hook comes first. The hook should be followed by a bridge that connects the hook to the thesis, which should always be the last sentence of the introduction. Too many students will break up their thesis statement into two or more sentences, which can confuse the reader. This is why the thesis statement is a singular term, not plural. However, lots of students make mistakes in their thesis statements and need help. If you know how to proofread academic papers, check out these great freelance editing jobs available online.

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