The Right Way to Use College Essay Examples

The internet is a wonderful place, isn’t it? It seems like anything and everything you need is available on the internet. You can even order a pizza online – you don’t even have to pick up the phone! With so much available to the general population, it’s not surprising to see a surge in students using the internet for academic purposes. In fact, one of the most popular uses of the internet today is in locating relevant essay examples and essay-writing help. There are literally hundreds of essay examples online, freely available to all students at all academic levels. However, students must be assured that they are using these examples in the correct way. Misuse of essay examples can lead to serious problems later down the line, so take a second to find out the correct way to use essay examples.

The Wrong Way to Use Essay Examples

First of all, students need to understand that essay examples are not a substitute for writing the essay themselves. Turning in an essay example attained online is probably the worst idea in the world. Not only is the essay unlikely to specifically address your essay topic in the correct way, but the teacher is more than likely to discover it as a plagiarized work. Contrary to what some believe, teachers are equipped with software and programs that check for plagiarized work. Give them an essay stolen from an example you found on the internet, and you’re guaranteed a failing grade. Remember: essay examples are not substitutes for your essay assignments!

The Right Way to Use Essay Examples

The truly intelligent, correct way to use available essay examples is as what they are – examples. Essay examples are guidelines to what your essay could be. As a student crafting your own unique assignment, you should study their formatting, sentence transitions, word usage, organizations and much more. Modeling your own essay after an example is really not a bad idea, so long as you don’t dramatically copy from the example. You can also consult essay examples on even more minute things, like spelling. Essentially, however, essay examples function as a formatting guide; follow the same organizational structure they do, and you should earn at least a decent grade.

In essence, essay examples are not essay substitutes – despite what many students would like to believe. Examples are just samples of past work meant to guide students struggling with similar assignments. By reading and examining these completed works, students should be better capable of handling such tasks in the future.

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