Funny Persuasive Essay Topics: Never-Failing Tricks to Help You Write

You can write a persuasive essay on a topic that you think is funny to spice it up a little. So maybe you are trying to brighten everyone’s day or maybe you are just in the mood to write a funny persuasive essay. Regardless, you can easily decide on a funny persuasive topic with these never-fail tricks of the trade.

  1. Brainstorm

    One great way to come up with a topic for your persuasive essay is to brainstorm. When you brainstorm, you want to jot down any and every idea that pops into your head no matter how silly or stupid it sounds. After some time has gone by, you can stop brainstorming ideas and start seriously contemplating what to write about.

  2. Outline

    Next step is to write your outline. Do not skip this step. It will keep all of your ideas in line and help you organize them.

  3. Make your statement

    Next task is to make your funny claim. You want to prove that we should paint all the roads purple, so now you have to tell your reader why. Come up with some solid reasons why all the roads should be painted purple.

  4. Rough draft

    Start writing this silly essay. When you start putting stuff on paper, you will start to get an overall picture about what it is supposed to look like and then you will be able to develop your paper more.

  5. Edit

    This part is essential because your edit step is where you really make sure that you are bringing everything together. It is where you make sure that you are doing everything the right way. Use this time to have other people look over your work. They will give you some advice and may be able to see things that you miss or auto correct. Sometimes you will subconsciously skip over an error because your brain won’t notice that it’s wrong.

  6. Final draft

    After the editing, there is nothing much left to do but fix formatting issues.

If you follow these steps, you will have your paper written in not time. Be sure to keep it entertaining. A funny persuasive essay is not meant to sound serious. It is meant as a great tactic to get students involved in writing this type of essay. You may never get the chance again, so enjoy it.

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