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Still struggling with that complicated coursework, thesis proposal, book report, movie review, article critique or IB extended essay? Do not receive enough attention and help from your counselor or professor? Need an ultimate writing guide free of charge? You've got to the right place! Enjoy professional essay writing help from


Graduate students often get stuck writing their dissertation proposals or thesis projects. Our sophisticated guides and manuals will show you the right path to academic success.

College term papers

Term paper projects are perhaps the most dreaded college assignments. You have to go through all the readings, class notes and professors' comments. We will provide alternative help.

High school essays

Most high school students neither have the time, nor the will to do tedious academic writing assignments. We offer a fun way to complete all of your papers on time. Just check our manuals.

Graduate theses

Writing thesis statements can be tricky. You have to come up with an interesting and researchable topic and write a short commentary about it. Let us show you how to do it .

5 Basic Essay Writing Rules that Help

You know what the assignment is. You know the topic, and you know what you’re supposed to do. However, knowing and understand an essay assignment doesn’t necessarily help you complete it any better. When students write an essay, they find composing content difficult to do – mainly because there are no parameters to work in. Essays, being much freer and individualized than simple question-answer choices, cause difficulties for some students. In order to produce good work, they need guidelines and regulations – but essays don’t always provide that. However, there are a few rules to essay writing that students can use to compose quality work nearly every single time.

Your Rules to Essay Writing

Want to know the rules to great essay writing? Here they are plain and simple rules that will help you go from struggling essay writer to composition conqueror!

  1. Get enthusiastic. If you can’t get out of it, get into it. This is a phrase that is applicable to much more than your childhood (you know, when you’re mother used to preach it to you). If you can’t get out of essay writing (and trust us, you can’t) then you might as well get excited about it. As your first essay rule, get enthused about your writing. If you can get excited about the topic, great. If not, try to envision yourself in the position of the writer, or otherwise encourage you imagination to become invested in the assignment. You’ll find enthusiasm is the first step to success.
  2. Outline first. Outlining helps you organize your ideas, so don’t ever skip this step. Make sure that outlining is the first thing you do – don’t ever start crafting a draft until you’ve completed the outline. This is one of the most important rules to essay writing and a key way to make sure your thoughts flow competently on paper.
  3. Get feedback. There’s nothing wrong with getting some feedback on an essay, especially if you can find some expert opinions through online sources or through the school system. Feedback helps us all improve at writing, and it’s essential to cutting out bad habits and instigating new ones.
  4. Create several drafts. No one writers a flawless piece their first time through – not even literary greats like Shakespeare could do that. It takes a couple tries to compose that perfectly crafted essay, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Always create a least one draft before producing a final version of your paper (though several drafts tend to help).
  5. Review, edit and proofread. Always, always, always remember this step. Save yourself the embarrassment of grammatical errors and poor construction! Review, edit and proofread!
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