Antigone is one of the classics in English literature and is a must read. The story is realistic and heart-touching. The main conflict in the story is whether the choices and laws created by man are right or the laws created by the nature itself.

The story is a complete tragedy and if it had to be summarized the best possible way would be the one below. The title Antigone is named after the girl whose both brothers die fighting for the kingdom of Thebes. Their uncle Creon becomes the king. After taking his oath as a king Creon addresses his nation with determination and faith in his voice. He assures them that he would prove to be a strong man and will do justice under any circumstances. The king adds that public welfare and power are his first priorities; whosoever remains loyal to the state will be rewarded. The character we perceive here is determined, obsessed and a strong man like a king should be. However as the story proceeds we see that Creon is not that of a wise person. He orders that as the state of the king he announces to arrange a grand funeral for Eteocles who fought for the kingdom and lost his life as a great sacrifice. Whereas his brother Polyneices has brought shame to Thebes by fighting his own people and must not be allowed to have a funeral. Upon hearing this Antigone goes crazy and starts protesting against the king’s decision. She argues that if God did not take the right of burial from any human then how the state take can this very right away. This is against the law of nature. In Greece people who did not receive proper burial were thought to be restless in their afterlives. The tragedy and irony start building when the king demands who has dared to protest against his orders and find out it is his own nephew. She is also engaged to the king’s only son. Creon has a fight with his son who supports her fiancé and towards the end nearly every one dies leaving the king alone including his son, wife and Antigone.

After experiencing such grief the king finally realizes his mistake but it is too late for him. All he can do now is live in guilt and regret of losing his loved ones for the rest of his life.

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