Personal Goal Essay: Never Mention These Things

When you have to write a personal goal essay you are supposed to be writing about the goals that you are setting for the future. It could have to do with your educational goals or it could have to do with your career goals. Whatever goals it is that you are supposed to be writing about then focus solely on those goals and the steps that you will need to take in order to achieve them.

Never talk about the past. What happened in the past is gone. It needs to stay in the past while you move towards the future. If you must talk about the past talk about what happened to you or what you saw that inspired you to go after whatever specific goals that the paper is about. For example, if you saw your father die of a heart attack when you were a child and it inspired you to study hard and get into medical school with the end goal of being a cardiologist so that you could help save people as a result, then that would be allowed.

If you are going to talk about negative things then do so in a way that turns them into positives. For example you will need to talk about foreseeable obstacles to you completing your goals. When you talk about these obstacles do not talk about them in terms of how you will never see a way past them. Put some thought into it and tell not only how you plan to get past those obstacles but also about what you hope to learn from the experience.

This type of essay is truly probably one of the easiest that you will ever have to write. Basically it is an effort to get you to open up about your goals and put them into writing on paper. By doing this, your goals become tangible. You can see them. They are not just in your head. When a goal is on paper and you can see it every day then you do not lose sight of it. That is one reason that it is critical that if you must put negatives in it then you must turn them into positives so that you do not see the goals as unattainable. An essay of this nature could quite possibly be the most important essay that you will ever have to write.

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