How To Write An Essay On Marijuana Legalization In The U.S.

No matter what grade you are in, you are bound to find one or two instructors who like to assign essay assignments on controversial topics. One of the topics that gained a lot of popularity in recent years is marijuana legalization in the U.S. Some states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, while others have legalized it for medical use. Still the majority of states maintain laws preventing its use and possession. Whatever your stance on the topic you should know a few things about writing on something as controversial as this. Here’s how to write a great essay:

Do a lot of research.

When writing on a controversial topic you want to ensure that you have considered as much research information as possible. Stick with academic, health and government sources. Anything that you use should be credible and produced within the last three years. This will make your argument much more reliable and verifiable in terms of the facts and ideas you have presented.

Organize your argument.

Now that you’ve gathered lots of information through your research, you should create a detailed draft that organizes your argument, topics, and supporting evidence. Some students can start writing without first creating an outline, but this approach usually leads to inferior papers with a noticeable lack in structure and logic. Spend a few minutes organizing your best content to improve your chances of presenting a great argument.

Start writing a first draft.

Don’t waste a minute debating how you should start your essay on marijuana legalization. Get started with a first draft to get all of your ideas down in a quick and efficient way. It’s okay if you make mistakes or make repetitive statements. The entire point to this exercise is put down everything you need to make a good academic argument on the topic.

Revise your argument.

When you revise your paper you should always look for ways in which you can improve your writing. Consider the overall structure, the order of your sub-topics and supporting evidence, and the transitions between each of your body paragraphs. You may find that removing, adding, or rearranging content will make for a better presentation of your ideas.

Edit and proofread.

You should know by now that the rough draft and revised form of your paper will likely be filled with errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. You don’t want to lose grade points on your assignment by turning in a paper that hasn’t been thoroughly edited and proofread. Leave yourself ample time to do each of these steps with a clear mind and critical eye.

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