How to Create an Elaborate Article Review

One type of writing assignment that is often given in school tends to catch students off guard and really throw them for a loop. Some students just do not know how to approach this type of assignment- the article review. This type of assignment is often given in classes that rely heavily on current studies and recent research. Classes that deal with medicine, law, and science often give out this assignment to help students keep up with the newest advances and findings.

An article review works like this. A student is usually give a particular article to read, or are given a narrow topic to research and they have to find an article of their own. After reading the article, they are then asked to critically look at the topics covered and analyze the points made.

They are typically asked to summarize the article and bring out the key points that are addressed. Instructors also will ask the students to talk about how these findings apply to real life and the industry that the article targets.

For example, an instructor may assign an article review to his or her medical class. One student may have an article that addresses the most recent findings regarding autism and how it can be diagnoses and treated. The student will then write a paper that looks closely at everything that article contains and addresses. If the article mentioned a study that was conducted the student needs to mention that study, how it was carried out, what it involved, and what the result were. After the results are discussed, the student can then start giving examples of how those findings might impact real life. If the study was about autism, do the results of the study point to better treatments and improvements or are things still the way they have been in recent years?

These sorts of data points need to be mentioned and applied in the article so that the reader can better understand how it relates to the topic. That is what the instructor wants from the essay- to see what the article demonstrates and how those findings impact real world scenarios. This is the basics of article reviews and as you can see, they really are not that difficult and really do not have to be as hard and intimidating as many students make them out to be.

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