Where to Search for a Free Example of a Synthesis Essay

In a synthesis essay you are supposed to follow a specific format. If you get an assignment of this type, you have to be careful, as there are certain things the professor will expect you to have in your paper and they differ a lot from the other types of essay. The main part of your paper will be the connections. You shall start looking for them when you first research the topic. When you look at the material, taken from different aspects of your topic, you shall be able to find connections between them and, therefore, present your topic from different angles to make the research on it as thorough as possible.

Synthesis essay types

If you still don’t quite get what is expected from you in this type of a paper, the best will be to look for a sample of a similar paper online and make the task easier for yourself. However, you need to take into consideration that there different essay types exist within the synthesis essay. You have to look for the correct sample, otherwise you risk writing the whole paper wrong.

  1. Argumentative synthesis. In this paper you need to present an argument that supports your point of view and defend it.
  2. Review. Here you will simply take a look over what has already been said on your topic.
  3. Explanatory synthesis. Writing this type of essay, the student has to help the readers learn and understand his topic.

Online sample sources

Now that you have decided on which type of the synthesis paper you will write, it’s time to look for the sample itself. The problem is now to find a sample paper of a high quality.

Attention! Plagiarism

The last but by far not the least thing you have to pay attention to when writing a paper based on an Internet sample is to avoid repeating any ideas or even sentences, especially if the topic of the paper is close to yours. Nowadays almost every teacher checks the paper for plagiarism, so use the samples you find wisely!

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