Should Gay Couples Adopt Children

There are many problems in the modern world. Industrialization and the greater availability of some resources has led to the emergence of mega cities that are full to beyond capacity of people struggling to survive. In the midst of this, children are often the most vulnerable because they cannot take care of themselves and quite often the people who are supposed to take care of them are less than equipped for the job. Many become wards of the state and some even age out of the system without ever being placed in loving homes. With this in mind, should gay couples be allowed to adopt?

Passing on ‘gayness’

Some people have argued that children in homes with homosexual parents will have a warped sense of gender identity. The presence of same sex parents is argued to make them less likely to seek out partners of the opposite sex or even to become homosexual themselves. This theory ignores large quantities of evidence that sexual orientation is not something that you can change by exposure. For instance, most gay adults were born to heterosexual parents who did not pass on their heterosexuality to the children they raised. Children raised by gay adults appear to have the same likelihood of being gay as the rest of the population but perhaps a higher chance of admitting it and coming to terms with it at a younger age.

The risk of harm

There are people who assume that gay adults are attracted to children of the same sex as themselves and should therefore not be allowed to become parents. This shows a lack of understanding of the definition of the word ‘homosexual’ as vastly different from ‘pedophile’. People who behave inappropriately with children should never be allowed to adopt and systems should be put in place to reinforce that. This remains true whether they prefer children of the same sex or not. This is a completely unrelated matter to gayness.

The options available

In some cases, the state provides excellent care for all abandoned children that rivals what any family can provide. These are rare and quite often, children who are never adopted feel unwanted and carry those emotions into adulthood. Having loving gay parents would be preferable to that.

The most important trait that a potential parent can have is a desire to put the needs of the child first. This should be the thing people seek out when deciding who should adopt.

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