How to Write A Good Thesis In Two Weeks

The typical deadline given by instructors for a thesis paper is roughly two weeks. Many post-secondary professors feel as if two weeks is just enough time for a student to research, outline, draft and compose an A+ graded research paper. It is the student’s responsibility to manage their time appropriately in order to complete the assignment in within that two-week period. Knowing how to properly prepare a thesis on a limited timeline is an important skill for any student to master.

Within 2-3 Days Of Receiving The Assignment

Upon being assigned a thesis paper, students should begin doing research within 2-3 days. This is extremely important if they are hoping to finish the assignment on time. By doing your research early you will be able to stay on track, and hopefully get inspired for the actual writing process.

Some students struggle with researching data to use in their thesis papers, if this is you I would try to find a study group to work with on this part of the assignment. Within a few days of getting the project you can organize a group of peers to get together and start brainstorming research topics and looking for resources in the library online. Having others to work through the assignment with you, is a great way to keep motivated and get the project done.

Within A Week: The Outline

A week before the assignment deadline, you should be done with your research and moving on to preparing the outline. By now, most of the hard work is done, and all you need to do is sort out the data and decide how you are going to organize it within your paper. Try to eliminate any research that is not coherent or difficult to defend. Instead, select three strong piece of evidence that will support your thesis.

Speaking of your thesis statement now is the time to start putting this together. Depending how you operate, thesis first outline later, or outline first thesis later you will want to be making this your focus for this week. Ultimately a strong thesis will determine the quality of your paper, so take time when composing it, and re-visit it regularly to see if it needs to be revised.

Two or Less Days Before The Deadline

If you haven’t started to write my thesis yet, get on it. If you have been diligent about composing your outline, the actual composition part should be a breeze. Use good clinchers to tie your paragraphs together, and try to stick to the 5 Paragraph Rule.

Day before The Deadline

In a perfect world, you would of completed this paper days ago- so you wouldn’t be stressed right before it was due. However 90% of students leave final revisions until the night before a deadline.

Whatever you do don’t hand your thesis report in without giving it one final “look over”, get someone from your original study group to proofread for you so you don’t hand it in incomplete.

Due Date

Wow, those two weeks sure went by fast but hopefully your thesis paper is complete and ready to go. Right before handing it in make sure you have included all the required elements, title page, works cited. Forgetting these small details can cost you marks and we don’t want any careless mistakes.

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