Most Popular Research Paper Topics

When it comes time to write a research paper, there are several topics that continue to be popular. These topics are continually being updated as scientists, researchers, and professors study these topics. In most cases, the topics create interesting papers, as long as the papers are written in a persuasive style and if the writers can attack the topic from a unique perspective.

Popular research paper topics usually include the following:

Most of the popular topics are also hot topics in the media. Since these topics can become trite and cliche, it is best to write about them from a unique perspective. For example, if you are going to write about gay marriage, it is better to avoid writing about legalizing gay marriage. Look at the topic from a different perspective, like something relating to insurance benefits, gay marriage ending in divorce, or gay family adopting children.

Go Against the Grain: Write from an Opposing Perspective

When you decide to write about a popular topic, you do run the risk of having more chance for being accused of plagiarism. This is why it is important to try to approach the popular topic from an unpopular angle. There are some students who will write from the least popular persuasive angle, just to write something different. For example, if you look at the value of a college education, why not write about how college educations are not worth the money. This is something that most people do not believe, but the paper could be very enjoyable to write and read.

Write for the Reader, Not for the Grade

Before you choose and commit a topic, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself. The first is whether or not you could spend a few weeks working on this topic. The second is whether or not you could write an interesting paper about it. The third is whether or not you would actually want to read about the topic. If you have answered yes to these questions, then you have most likely chosen well. It is also important to consider that someone else (at least your professor, if not a few classmates, too) will have to read your paper, so you should be sure to write for an audience, not just for a grade.

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